How to Import Goods Into Canada

When importing commercial goods into Canada, there are two ways to clear Canadian Customs.

1) Through a customs broker.

You can hire a customs broker to import your shipment and they will base their rates on how many items, how many different tariffs (different types of products) and usually charge you a fixed rate per shipment.

2) Clear customs yourself.

Step 1:  Read this before starting.

Step 2: You will need to search your tariff codes in the CBSA Customs Tariff directory. Here you will find 99 chapters of custom tariffs each with a specific category. In this document you will also find Country codes for the country you are importing from.

Step 3: You need to learn how to fill out Form B3, Canada Customs Coding Form. This will take a while and seems difficult at first, read the manual for this form and follow instructions. For manual on Importing Commercial Goods Into Canada, click here

Tips: Canada Customs Border Crossing Agents appreciate well organized customers. The first time you import they will help you with some of the logistics however, if they are busy or you seem unprepared they would prefer you used a broker.

Disclaimer: Express Air International LTD operates a bonded warehouse but is not a licensed customs broker, therefore we do not take responsibility and cannot give you professional advice regarding your import(s).

International Importing

Importing goods to Vancouver Island from any overseas country can be done conveniently and cost effectively with Express Air International working for you.

We can bring your goods into Canada in bond, and you can clear customs in Victoria from our customs bonded warehouse, yourself or through your broker. You can import your cargo from the USA, China, Europe, or any other country of origin.

For example, if your cargo is destined for Vancouver Island, you can save money on additional storage and warehousing by using Express Air International. 

For information on warehousing, please click here.

NB:  Many USA retailers and wholesalers will ship for free in the USA. You can take advantage of these savings when you ship with Express Air International. Your goods can be shipped to our warehouse in Blaine, Washington by your supplier or retailer and we will transport your entire shipment here for customs clearance, at the Victoria International Airport CBSA office.

More information on Canada Border Services Agency, click here.

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