Importing from USA to Victoria and Vancouver Island

Express Air International can help you make purchasing on eBay, from online retailers, and commercial suppliers easy and hassle free!

Many USA  companies ship anywhere in continental USA  for free or at discounted rates when you have a United States address for your goods.  Shipping commercial goods to a warehouse with a loading dock can also save shipping costs.  Express Air International provides a USA address in Blaine, Washington (see instructions below) where you can have your online or telephone purchases sent hassle free.

Save money and enjoy the convenience and accessibility of USA shopping and shipping using our service from Blaine, Washington to your Victoria or Vancouver Island destination. You can take advantage of free and lower cost shipping rates as well as the convenience of U.S. suppliers dealing with an American destination.  Unfortunately some U.S. suppliers won't even ship to Canada or the price is cost prohibitive. . Express Air International transports your cargo in bond from Blaine, Washington, USA to our conveniently located warehouse at 105 - 1740 Convair Place next to the Victoria international Airport.  

Popular items Express Air imports include:

  • Automotive Parts
  • Tires
  • Specialty Items
  • Cameras and Electronics
  • Shoes and Clothing

Many of these items are duty free under the Free Trade Agreement with the United States. Clearing customs is easy, just a 5 minute walk from the warehouse where you fill out your customs form and then pick up your goods.  You can have your customs broker clear the items if you are a commercial vendor or importing large quantities of goods.  We have free parking at our warehouse.

Download PDF Detailed instructions for importing goodsx3.pdf

To order goods from the USA, please follow these instructions:

     1. Ship your goods to :                    “Your Name"

                                                            C/O Express Air International Ltd.

                                                            1927 Boblett Street

                                                            Blaine, WA  98230

2.  Have your supplier attach a copy of an invoice showing the value of the goods to the outside of the package. If ordering from online, print off your order invoice at the time of purchase.

3. Please email us at with your name, address, and phone number if you are a new customer so that we are able to contact you when your shipment arrives!  If you are an existing customer, this step is not necessary. 

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For detailed instructions on importing goods without a customs clearance broker, click here.

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